Basic Information Detail

Official Name of Organization エボルブアイティワークス株式会社
Furigana of Organization えぼるぶあいてぃわーくすかぶしきかいしゃ
Organization Abbreviation
Official Name of Organization in English
Organization Abbreviation in English
Name of President 泉井 透
Corporate Type Company(StockCompany,LimitedCompany,Etc.)
Postal Code 162-0066
Prefecture 東京都
City 新宿区
Place name / House Number 東京都新宿区市谷台町16-6
Building Name / Apartment Name 16ビル 4F
Main Telephone Number 03-6457-8330
FAX Number 03-6457-8331
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Industry Type ソフトウェアサービス業
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